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1250 Denny Way
Seattle, WA 98109
United States

ALL RISE in 30

A look back at ALL RISE 2014 projects in approximately 30 images.


ALL RISE is a series of performances and temporary installations organized for a city block at 1250 Denny Way, Seattle, Washington. The project is co-curated by Meagan Atiyeh and Elizabeth Spavento, and commissioned with Seattle City Light % for Art funds administered by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

ALL RISE exists between two phases of disruption: the demolition and remediation of a Greyhound Garage and the construction of the City Light Denny Substation to follow. The project speaks of this time as a respite, and explores parenthetical conditions and tactics, including improvisation, accessibility (by means of invitation from artist to audience) and durational work.

In 2014, ALL RISE commissioned new sculpture, dance, performance and sound works, realized in the site proper, on four over-sized plinths at Denny Way, and in the surrounding city streets. The artists invited to create work for ALL RISE are considering varied iterations of land/space. This began with borrowed vernacular of the residential, commercial, social, utopian, agrarian... and continues, as the project enters its second spring, toward the spiritual, intellectual, political.